Leo the Lion as a Dog Parent

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In my last post, I talked about Leo’s zodiac personality as a person.  Today I want to address who we think Leo would be as a dog parent and what breeds would be likely to please a Leo personality.

Okay, Leo, you’ll train the dog you choose with a firm, positive hand. At first its puppy antics will amuse you and you’ll play with the pup, but as it grows, your dog must show signs of meeting your expectations. Those expectations will vary with your lifestyle. If you hunt, you will want a dog that retrieves superbly. If you need a protective breed, the dog must do its job well protecting you and your family.  If its a show dog you are looking for, it must be able to win that ribbon.  You like the best in all things and this will include your dog.

To own a champion is a plus in itself, but lets take a look at the plus and minus traits and temperaments of certain breeds to help you to choose a dog that is a winner in more ways than one.

Your way of doing things is to use a direct and quick approach.  Many of you will respond well to a dog that can think fast on its feet.  A dog that needs time to process your commands would soon irritate you. Even though the dog could be a champion show dog, its peculiarities would rub you the wrong way.  An alert, intelligent breed, quick to follow your commands would be of much more interest to most of you.

Now, although a bright, alert pup would please you, it should not be from a breed with a highly excitable temperament. Some of you entertain quite a bit.  If your dog jumps in uninvited, and bothers your guests, you should be able to dispatch it without ceremony.  However, if you’ve chosen a dog that becomes very excited when there are people about, it’ll want to join in, invited or not.  When you lunge for this dog and knock over a tray of snacks or glasses in the process, some of your guests will love it, and grin at the dog now trying to hide under the couch. It’s not likely that you will be amused, Leo.  This dog has not only made a fool of you,unintentionally, of course, but will probably do so again.  A quieter, calmer temperament would be more compatible with your personality.

So far, Leo, the right breed for you should be bright, alert and reasonably well behaved in your home, but what if you chose a dog with these characteristics, but attached itself to you like glue?  Most of you will reign in your home.  Your family belongs to you and rarely is it the other way around.  Over-possessive friends and relatives stifle you so you would probably not want to own a possessive dog. Every time you turned around, this dog would be underfoot.  Most of you dash about, always in a hurry.  Yelling at this one wouldn’t change its need to be by you.  All you would accomplish would be to make the dog slink about, hoping to get closer to you before you noticed.  A less possessive or non-intrusive dog would be better for most of you.

Of course, even though a dog that resembles clinging ivy is out, this doesn’t mean you wouldn’t want a pup to be affectionate with.  When you have time, you will give your dog lots of affection and hugs.

We are now getting closer to your perfect pup.  However, a pup with all of the preferred traits and temperaments discussed above would probably not be a Leo dog if it looks ordinary.  You love to own and be connected with beautiful things – the unusual or extraordinary appeals to you.  A spectacular dog or one that is unusual in an attractive way would be the frosting on your cake.

To sum up, Leo, the right dog for you is a dog that’s a source of pride – a winner in all ways.  It should be intelligent, alert, well-mannered, affectionate and attractive.  It should not be highly strung, intrusive, anxious, over-possessive or too ordinary looking.

The breeds suggested for your Leo sun sign personality suit various life-styles.  Some would be right for you, but not for where or how you live. Your lifestyle is an important consideration when making your choice.

We hope you enjoyed reading about yourself as a pet owner, Leo.  In subsequent posts, we will discuss the breeds we have suggested for your zodiac personality.

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