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I would like to introduce you to two very important members of my family: my daughter, Nicole and her dog Nilla. Nilla is a Hungarian Viszla.

Nicole & Nilla
Nicole and Nilla

Some of you who read my post Grand Dog will have met Nilla’s sister, Madison, the Basset Hound.

Madison, Nilla’s best dog friend

As in a lot of families, these sisters are absolutely nothing alike!  Well, it could have something to do with breed traits – lol.

The two dogs get along very well and depend upon each other for company when their family is not with them.

Madison & Nilla
Madison and Nilla

Madison is laid back and Nilla is highly strung.  You have to talk Madison into activities, and have time to get ready while Madison considers them.   Nilla is eager to participate in the action, but has her own ideas on travelling arrangements.

When everyone is going to the doggie beach, Madison jumps into the back seat, is harnessed, and ready to travel. Nilla does not care for back seat travel.  This lanky, agile Viszla prefers passenger seat travel.  Within seconds she has seated herself in the front seat and gives Nicole the enquiring look as why she is not yet harnessed and on her way to the promised adventure.

Madison can be stubborn, but Nilla is the persistent one.  Arguments on who should be sitting where are ongoing.  Explaining safety issues fall on deaf ears, and we are talking about Nilla here, not Madison who is the expert on feigning deafness.

It could be sibling rivalry – the favored seat by mom.  It could be that Nilla likes to follow the roads to the beach and can see much better from the passenger seat.  She can also see more of what’s going on all around her. Travelling to somewhere exciting, like the doggie beach, is a very important activity for a Viszla.  Hungarian Viszlas love action, and quiver with anticipation the moment an adventure is proposed.

Madison ignores the argument and takes a nap.  She will enjoy the beach when she gets to it, but there’s always time for a nap.

When they get back home, they curl up together. Nilla is finally tired, and Madison considers napping an excellent indoor activity.Madison and NillaHungarian Viszlas have been around for centuries.  Drawings of them have been found from the 10th century.  The breed was developed in Hungary and was favored by barons of the Magyar.

Kindness and patience are an owner’s keys to training a Viszla.  Once attached, the dog wants to please you, but can be over-anxious, try too hard, and takes its failures seriously. With love and attention, the pup will develop well and is an all-purpose dog.

Viszlas must be close to loved ones.  This dog becomes anxious if left alone too long. With Madison as Nilla’s constant companion, they do okay home alone, together.

On lifestyle requirements, the city is not the best environment, unless you are an owner who hikes on weekends.  Exercise is a breed requirement for this one.  The dog can handle any terrain, but not in any weather.  Viszlas have no undercoat, which is great in the summer, but a problem when temperatures drop below freezing.

Nilla has a great personality.  She lets you know how she feels about things in general daily and constantly shows her love for her family and friends.

I’m glad to have had the chance to introduce Nilla to you, although I have heard she made a complaint about my dog blog.  Somebody told her I did a post on Madison before I wrote about her.  I’ll send her some chicken jerky to make up for that error in judgment.

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