Leo the Lion

  • Gold is your metal
  • Your stone is a Ruby
  • Sunflower is your flower
  • And your color is yellow, sunny and bright
  • Now let’s find a pup that’ll be just right.
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    Ancient Persian symbol (Google Images)

Since we are now in the zodiac sign of Leo the Lion, I thought it might be fun to give you a peek inside the Leo chapter of AstroPups so you can see how the chapters unfold.  The first thing we do in your chapter, Leo is to talk about you.

  • When you are busy, doing some work at home that requires your total concentration, you would probably be behind a closed door.  If you owned a dog that pawed at that door until the paint peeled off, you would blow several fuses.  The dog’s anxiety is not a breed temperament that most of you would admire.  But before we get into traits and temperaments that would be compatible with your Leo sun sign personality, it’s important to us that you understand where we’re coming from.

Initially, as a professional astrologer and a canine behaviorist, our first question was, “What kind of dog owner would a Leo be?”  We found the answer by thoroughly studying your zodiac personality.  Once we knew what you would probably look for in a dog, we considered all of the dogs registered with the American Kennel Club to find some perfect pups for you. Now we are not saying that you can only successfully own the dogs we have suggested for you.  What we are saying is that the pups we suggest would be good choices for your sun sign personality.

We’ll first review the characteristics of your sun sign, and then discuss dog traits and temperaments that would be a plus or minus for you. Your compatible pups are then discussed in full so that you can make your own decision based upon your lifestyle and personal preference.

Your sign shows you to be a person who is strong willed and full of optimism. Most of you are ambitious.  You undertake challenges with whole-hearted enthusiasm, overcome setbacks, and often win on long shots.  In fact, Leo, you are a born leader.

Most of you have a radiant personality.  There’s not much that is lukewarm about you. People are drawn to you because of your positive energy, your charm, and your generous nature.  In business, some of you will lead your team to success.

On social occasions, you’ll be in the center of the group that’s having the most fun.  Any exciting happening is sure to attract you, and you’ll be most likely a contributing force.  In fact, you contribute your positive energy to most ventures.  If there’s a flicker of light, you’ll fan it into a bright flame, Leo.

It’s because you have a strong belief in yourself and in your ideas, you do not hesitate to lead others.  You rarely dilly-dally about and you reject any negative input from co-workers, friends or relatives on your plans. Some of you have an incredible knack of getting to the crux of complicated issues quickly.  You zoom in, spot the problem and set about solving it.  Most of you do not take the time to explain your actions, though, as you would consider it a waste of your time.  People, less enlightened, experience your wrath if they try to interfere. Some may call you arrogant, and this would bother you, but it wouldn’t stop you.

You are intent on success and sincere in your efforts.  Most of you take a direct route in a straightforward manner.  It’s rare you would stoop to be devious and tend to judge others by your own behavior. This is where some of you get burned, Leo.  People may go behind your back to sabotage you in the workplace.  In your personal life, those you love and trust may also betray you. If such happenings occur, you are not only confused, but deeply hurt. Temporarily, your lion’s roar is reduced to a whimper.

Many of you enjoy teaching.  It’s rewarding to share concepts with eager students and you make your classes exciting and interesting.  Some of you have that intangible quality of charisma and can hold your class’s attention long after the dismissal bell. You can be impatient with those who will not use their talents and seem intent on making a career out of failing, but you’ll try to turn them around.  However, most of you will rarely tolerate rudeness or bad manners of any kind.

Rudeness is negative behavior and infuriates most of you.  Before you lose your quick temper in public, though, you’ll make a quick exit.  When crossed at home, sparks will fly.  And that is just what your temper is, Leo. Angry sparks.  Once inflamed, they die out quickly.  Brooding about things is just not your style, nor is going into the whys and wherefores.  You often forgive and forget as quickly as you flared up.

Pride is important to you.  Pride in yourself and in those for whom you are responsible. Because you have a kind and compassionate nature, you’ll give second chances or even third to youngsters who may be having problems finding their way. However, you will expect results to be proud of eventually.

You’ll consider your dog to be a part of your family, Leo so it’s more likely to win your affection if it’s special in some way.  You may feel compassi0n for sad sack dogs, but it’s not likely you would want to own one.

In the next post, I will go further into your chapter and discuss what kind of dog owner you would be, based on our study of your sun sign.

We hope you enjoyed reading about yourself, or reading about the Leos you know.  As you can see, AstroPups (available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle), goes into the zodiac sign step by step to lead us into suggesting the right pups.

A shout out to Jacqueline Chapple, the astrologer for AstroPups.  Her insights were invaluable.

If you are proud to be a Leo, and why wouldn’t you be? Amazon has a cool shirt in your sun sign color.

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