Old English Sheepdog (Bobtail)

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This dog is a wonderful companion with a devotion and loyalty to its owner that’s hard to beat.  It’s a very sociable breed and gets along with children. This is probably why the Old English Sheepdog was chosen to play Nana in Hook.  The dog was also Max in The Little Mermaid and The Little Mermaid II, but it has been chosen to fill many roles in movies and TV series If you want to check this out, there is list of all of his/her roles in Wikipedia under Old English Sheepdog.

The famous Bobtail is also a good guard dog, but not an aggressive breed unless mishandled.

The breed was developed in the west country of England where it guarded flocks of sheep. Some authorities believe that the Bearded Collie and the Russian Owtchar were used to create the breed back in the 19th century.  It has become popular in several countries because this robust dog is so darn lovable!  It will absolutely adore its owner, which is the main reason it will obey.  The dog learns and is trained through its need to please his or her owner.  When you show your love for this pup, it will turn itself out with happiness.

If you demand too much too soon and are aggressive, your Bobtail will become stubborn.  Train through love, and you will have a super dog.

Its nickname of Bobtail comes from its tail being docked very short. Shepherds are very practical.  When the sheep are gathered for sheering, the Bobtail is shorn also.  Guess that’s one way to groom this breed as let’s face it, it has an incredible coat which is a mud and burr magnet.  Since this dog loves to romp and play outside, you have to be willing to bathe and brush regularly.  It’s important not to let its coat become matted.  Matting causes pain. Amazon has a good grooming kit with a bonus attached if you have a Bobtail and need one.

If you plan on showing your Old English Sheepdog, a groomer is advised unless you are talented in this directi0n.  Bobtails have won Best in Show on both sides of the Atlantic.  They show well and grin at the judges. Judges like a welcoming grin.

In Australia and in England, some call Bobtails “the Delux dog”.  This is because Delux paint chose to feature the breed in their advertisements and commercials.

This dog can live anywhere you do – apartment or house in the city, suburbs or the country so long as shared walking is one of your activities. It will guard you with its low-pitched, but ringing bark.

People who own a Bobtail grin a lot when they tell you about their dog.  It is a very fun BFF.

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As with all breeds, some Bobtails have ended up in shelters and need owners. If you are interested in Rescue, check out www.oldenglishsheepdogclubofamerica.org/Rescue/

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Shih Tzu

What a sweetheart this little dog is!  It may weigh under 15lbs, but has the air of an aristocrat!  In fact, you should know that this dog expects you to understand that it is a blue blood and deserves your respect.


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The Shih Tzu once lived in the imperial palaces of China and was considered a sacred breed. It has had several nicknames, one being Little Lion and another, in England, Chrysanthemum dog.

The breed was recognized in England in 1934, the AKC recognized the breed in 1955 and when a Shih Tzu won Best in Show first time out in New Brunswick in 1960, the American public were charmed by the breed.  Since then, the dog has become super popular because of its versatility and sweet affectionate nature.

If you want the Shih Tzu to be all it can be, the moment you take the pup home, show him or her just how special your new puppy is.  The pup will warm quickly to your affection and delight in squeaky toys and balls.  This little dog is bright.  It will happily play all by itself, creating fun games to enjoy, but if you offer to join in, you will be so welcome.


Training is best done with a kind and positive hand.  A Shih Tzu could not handle bullying or harsh voice training.  The pup would become confused, and grow up to be stubborn and difficult if handled in the wrong way.  You will find the pup is eager to learn, seeing it as another game in the offering, and if your demands are not excessive, will fit in as a happy family member. You’ll need patience with potty training.


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A Shih Tzu’s coat is complicated.  For show, its hair reaches the floor and a groomer is strongly advised if you want your dog to have the “show” look.  If you do not want the “show” hair-style, and prefer the shorter-hair look, especially in the summer, take the dog to be clipped.  You can decide how short the dog’s hair should be.  If you have skills in grooming, the Shih Tzu is quite cooperative.  Brushing the dog’s coat often, even daily, is a good idea as tangles form quickly in its fine hair and if not removed by brushing, become painful.  Playing in the back yard, the dog will also pick up all kinds of debris which will need to be brushed out.

If you plan on taking the dog to the groomer monthly, a brush is all you would need.

This little dog loves it’s food, but just as you have to wipe a toddler’s face after eating, you will have to do the same with your Shih Tzu. Food in the dog’s eyes could cause an infection. Another tip is to get a rabbit water bottle in hot weather for the dog to lick at when thirsty.  If it is hot, the dog tends to gulp and get water up its nose.

Babying your dog only applies to eating and drinking, though.  It is hardy, active and loves to go for walks. A Shih Tzu is willing to be all the family’s bff.

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If you are looking to rescue a Shih Tzu, there are several options with eager volunteers to help you and definitely needy Shih Tzu purebred and mixed. The North America’s largest non profit adoption website is www.adoptapet.com/s/adopt-a-shih-tzu.  If you prefer an adult dog and want to avoid the chewing, potty-training needs of a Shih Tzu pup, this is one of the ways to go.

Lone Star is looking for foster mums/dads for Shih Tzu as they do not have a shelter and depend on volunteers and foster parents.  Maybe you live close enough to help them. Check Lone Star out at www.shihtzu-rescue.com

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If fuzzy brown bears have always appealed to you, a Chow is your best bet to become close to one.  Authorities claim that this dog is a descendant from an animal that was a cross between a dog and a bear, and even have fossil evidence to prove it.  Its profuse, thick coat and purple tongue and inner mouth also attest to this.

Chow Chow (Google Images)

A Chow is not a family dog.  Most Chows do not like children. The breed is not fond of strangers either and remains aloof. Independent, the dog does not curry favor nor seek approval.  However, when a Chow attaches as a pup to someone it spends time with, someone who feeds and grooms the pup, it will grow up to be a steadfast and loyal friend.  If you plan on getting a Chow, you must put the time in when the dog is young.  The dog needs to attach, but is not sure how to do this.  It doesn’t come naturally.  If you foster your Chow and show the dog how to love, it can and will learn to be your bff.

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Chow-Chow (Google Images)

Why is the breed called Chow Chow?

Speculation is endless on this question.  Certainly the dog provided nourishment and its thick coat provided warm clothes, but perhaps it is because the breed was transported on sailing ships under curios cargo – translation – chow-chow. Another authority claims its name comes from the Chinese word chaou, meaning dog of great strength.

The dog is of great strength.  It is thought that the Tartars brought this breed with them when they invaded China in the llth century BC.  Tartars, fighting barbarians, used Chows to be their guard dogs and fighting companions.

Since Chows do not need a lot of exercise, they can live in the city, suburbs or the country.  A daily walk is advised. Because of their fur, though, hot climates would be punitive to this dog.


It is important to brush your Chow and get rid of the tangles in its coat.  Chows enjoy being brushed by someone they trust and it helps to cement the bonding between owner and dog.

It’s not a breed which carries an odor and is clean in its habits.

It is important to know that a Chow will not respond in any way to harsh treatment or aggressive handling.  Aggressive handling will lead to an aggressive Chow and that’s a bad idea. The dog will choose to be with you, walk alongside of you, and grin at you.  At times, the dog will prefer to be alone.  It’s not personal. It’s just that this is the nature of the Chow-Chow.

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When I was browsing for a grooming brush, I saw something which you might like to give to a Chow-Chow owner for Christmas.  It’s early, I know, but I usually only post about one breed, and it’s Chow-Chow time!

There are other Chow ornaments available, which you can see by clicking the above.  At Christmas, I usually give ornaments with people’s dogs on them if I can find them!

Kings River Magazine would like you to check out their site. http://KingsRiverLife.com/. I did a post for them on Westies.  Now that’s one opposite breed to the one above.  Chows are large, fuzzy, aloof dogs. Westies are fun-loving, outgoing, family dogs. Guess that’s why dogs are so fascinating.  Their breed traits define them and are fascinating to explore.

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Beagle-Fun Loving Dog

Whoever owns a Beagle knows how much character this little dog has.  The breed was developed in England to run with the hounds and entered into the hunt with quivering excitement.  Well, let’s face it, a Beagle enters into all of its activities with quivering excitement.  It’s a very happy little dog with an optimistic outlook on life.  If attitude is the key to a long life, the Beagle proves it by having the reputation of living to a ripe old age.


Instant obedience is not this dog’s strong suit.  In fact, the dog can be very mischievous.  When you understand the breed, though, you will forgive the transgression quickly.  Beagles are hard to resist as they have such an affectionate, sweet nature. Gain this dog’s loyalty and it will adore you.

A Beagle’s owner should be firm, but not strict.  Train with affection and treats and the dog will obey – at least 60% of the time.  The problem is that everything that’s going on is of interest to a Beagle.  The world is an exciting place, and obeying you 100% of the time would mean the dog is not watching everything else that’s going on. You may not be aware that a hare or a squirrel is in your backyard, but the dog does.  He or she needs to alert you to this serious breach of your property.

A Beagle’s home can be an apartment or a house in the city, suburbs, or the country.  One of the dog’s passions is walking, though, so never pick up its leash without using it for what it is intended.  The dog leaps about and dances at the mere sight of its leash.

No serious grooming is involved.  Beagles have fine short hair and a brush is all that’s needed.

Most presidents past and present love their dogs.  Lyndon B Johnson adored his Beagles Him and Her.  There are countless photos of him playing with his dogs.  Unfortunately living in the White House did not save either Him or Her from an early death.  Her swallowed a white stone while playing on the lawn in front of the White House.  When chasing a squirrel, Him was run over in the driveway by the presidential limousine.  This tragedy was reported in the Washington Post, June l6, l966.

604x640xlbj-and-him-and-her.jpg.pagespeed.ic.UUaNZ0Xh_K (2)
604x640xlbj-and-him-and-her.jpg.pagespeed.ic.UUaNZ0Xh_K (2)

Apparently LBJ’s daughter, in tears, gave her father the sad news while he was in a meeting.

It was a devastating loss for the whole family.

LBJ had a third Beagle, named Edgar. Once you own a Beagle, you usually stay with the breed.  Few dogs are as lively, happy and fun to have around. They are great watch dogs, which means, of course, they tend to bark a lot, but engaging in everything is just what a Beagle does.

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Paranoid Dog

He was a little dog – black, of an unknown mix.  He was bigger than a toy breed, but still small.  Lisa, my daughter, found the stray and brought him to me for care while she tried to find his owner.  Lisa did all the usual lost dog things, but nobody claimed him.  She had named him Spike and as the search for his owner continued, Spike moved in.

Spike had a passion – ice cubes.  He would sit by the door of the fridge and make small noises.  At first I thought he was hungry and offered him food.  He ignored it.  As time went on and Spike continued to gaze at the door, I became quite frustrated.  What did this odd little dog want?  The icemaker solved it.  Of its own accord, it spat out an ice cube, which it sometimes does when the box inside is full. Spike danced about with excitement, grabbed the cube and dashed off.

Of course, then whenever he would sit by the fridge and gaze up at it, I just grabbed an ice cube and gave it to him.

One day, I walked over to the window to look into the backyard, and Spike became vicious, growling fiercely at me. I knelt down to pet him, and asked him what was up.  He continued to growl softly at me.  I was at a loss.  Spike was a sweet dog and suddenly I had become an enemy?

This continued for days.  Spike growled at anyone who went to the window to look out. Looking out of the window on the back yard was common as we checked on our other dogs playing in the back yard.  Spike would not leave the window.  He ate there.  He slept there.  This dog was strange.

I solved it all one day.  I had given him an ice cube, as usual, and happen to follow him out of the kitchen.  Spike ran over to the large plant by the window and dropped the cube into the pot.  He then sat by the plant to guard it.

Bless his heart!  I was so touched by this.  He was guarding a melting ice cube.  It was always gone when he looked for it, so of course he had decided his stash was constantly being invaded.

I put a plastic box of ice cubes beside the plant to show him the source was endless, and refilled it often.  Spike stopped growling at people who came near the window.  My little paranoid stray became pretty normal after that.  He even turned down ice cubes!

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