About Us

lucille-closeupMy name is Lucille Callard Solomon. I was born, raised and educated in England and was a teacher for twelve years. I am also a published writer, dog trainer and dog owner. One of my passions is to try to prevent healthy, but unwanted dogs, from being euthanized. Through no fault of their own, they were the wrong fit for their owners and were denied the chance to live, serve, love and play. Through my blog, I hope to help people choose a good fit for their personalities and lifestyles and to learn all about the breeds they have an interest in. A happy owner is one with a dog that suits him or her perfectly. I spent several years researching breeds and learning what kind of dogs would be right for owners and definitely what owners would be right for certain dogs.

My book, AstroPups, used sun signs for personality guides and breeds of dogs were suggested for each Zodiac personality.  10% of the proceeds from the sale of AstroPups is donated to No Kill shelters.

Working with animals, as I have all my life, has led to a fund of amazing stories which I would love to share with you.  As a dog trainer, I’ve really had fun communicating with my all of my canines, and as a writer, I’ve researched pets for countless hours. Of course, this means I am a fund of information and if you need tips or have a concern, I’d be happy to help you.

You can contact me through the comment section of my blog or email me at primechoice04@gmail.com.

I receive a small percentage of sales on my blog.  I only promote items you might need or would find useful in the care of your dog.


A lot of the information in my blog about breeds of dog and the kind of owners they need to make a good match were obtained through extensive research. I explored several books in addition to gaining information from breeders, trainers and owners.

I acknowledge the authors of the books I explored in the back of my book AstroPups. Since I use AstroPups to discuss breeds, their needs and lifestyles in my blog, I want to again acknowledge the contributions of books helpful to me in writing AstroPups.

All About Toy Dogs – Ricketts, Viva Leone: The Book of All Terriers – Marvin John T:  Companion Dogs – Liebers, Arthur Dogs – Wratten, Peggy:  Dogs of the World – Bongianni, Maurizio & Mori, Concetta:  Life, History and Magic of the Dog Mery, Ferdinand: Old English Sheepdog – Mandeville, John: Puppies – Spink, Kathryn: Shar-Pei –Nicholas, Anna Katherine: The Standard Guide to Pure-Bred Dogs –Harry, Glover: Ultimate Dog Book – Taylor, David The Illustrated Directory of Dogs – Juliette Cunliffe

I recommend the above books for really informative reading and thank the authors for their contributions.