German Shorthaired Pointer

Hello Capricorns!  (People born December 22 – January 20).

I thought I would wish you all a Happy Birthday and discuss one of the special dogs chosen for you in AstroPups,  available on Amazon Books. I have fully explained the book in another category.  The paperback version is recommended.  For a browse, check out the Kindle version.

Of course, Capricorns, a lot of you are not likely to take our word for it that this dog is a very good suggestion for you.  You prefer to do your own research, but most of you love an aristocrat.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Colors:  Liver or ticked. Height: 21″ – 25″. Weight: 50lbs. – 70lbs.

German Pointers are the result of years of careful, selective breeding by German breeders to produce this fine, versatile dog.  The dog has a powerful, well-balanced body, is capable of great endurance, is intelligent and trains well in obedience.

German Shorthair Pointer
German Shorthaired Pointer – artist Peter Solomon

Although it is believed that German Shorthairs were first bred in the 1700’s from Spanish Pointers, the English Pointer and Foxhounds, the breed was not introduced to breeders in the U.S. until 1920.  In a short time, the dog was recognized for being easy to train to the hunt.  German Shorthairs can work with pheasant, quail, waterfowl, coons, possum and deer.

For people who do not hunt, this dog is amazing as a pet.  It’s clean, has a mild disposition, is protective of loved ones, is affectionate and even good with children.  German Shorthairs make good guide dogs for the blind and good therapy dogs, also.

It’s gratifying to show this dog and you will swell with pride if you enter your dog at obedience trials.  Grooming is an easy chore.  A good bristle brush is all you need. For Show, a chamois rub is a good idea to help the dog’s coat shine.

You will not have a chance to be a couch potato if you own a German Shorthaired Pointer.  In fact, lack of exercise makes this one restless.  The dog is tireless on walks and hikes and loves the outdoors.  This is why the country or the suburbs is a better home for this breed.

Owners tell me, with pride, that the German Shorthaired Pointer is the best dog in the whole world – a paragon of virtue!  Right, Capricorns would have to prove this for themselves so if you are in the market for a pup, check this breed out.

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A very happy 2017 to you all!  🙂



Samantha Freckles

Hello Everyone:

Sorry for not posting for a while.  Unfortunately I was ill for three months. Then we lost our lovely Boxer, Sammi, which was unbearably sad.  She died in her sleep in the beginning of November. Sammi was eleven – a long life for a Boxer, but we are all struggling to get over the loss of her.  For my return readers, you all know Sammi pretty well.

Here she is with Sally, our Bichon Frise/Italian Greyhound mix.  Sally misses her a lot and is still checking out the front door in case Sammi will suddenly appear, her whole body wagging at the sight of her best little friend.

WP_20160410_19_54_05_ProJake, our pit bull mix, definitely went into a depression when Sammi left us.  Our good friend Loraine owned Sammi, but the dog came to us for doggy care on a regular basis.  Jake bounded downstairs when Loraine and Sammi arrived, barking happily and wagging his tail.  When Loraine arrived alone, he tore downstairs initially, but now seems to understand that Sammi is not coming with her.

Dogs losing their friends as Sally and Jake lost Sammi brings a tear to the eyes.  How can you explain to them what has happened, why Sammi no longer comes to play, to cuddle and to go for walks with them.  Goodness, can Christmas be ruined because a certain stocking is not hung by the chimney with care? Certainly it puts a dent in what was a fun activity last year.

The dogs still with us had bulging stockings this year – couldn’t make up for the one not filled, though.

Sammi had a brown stuffed dog which squeaked at our house.  Sally carried it about.  Jake did not destroy it as he does with his own toys, but kept leaving it in the hall by the front door.  Sally left it on the bed.  I hugged them more than usual, but I can’t make up for their lost friend.  I wished I could see the owner of that brown stuffed dog which squeaked, too.

Pit bull
Jake adored Sammi
tiny black dog
Sammi’s best friend, Sally



Yes, the good part is that a stiff, aging Boxer died peacefully.  She was having trouble sitting down and getting up.  Stairs were becoming a problem,  I am grateful she is no longer struggling or hurting, but I so miss Sammi Freckles.  She is an ache in my heart, even as I smile remembering how very special she was.

untitled (4)
Sammi’s first rawhide

AstroPupsSammi,  cover girl, chosen for AstroPups.

I am dedicating this post to our Samantha, so loved, and so very missed by us all.  Thanks for sharing with me – see you soon 🙂