Update on Astrology

untitled (5)  I have had a few emails about the astrology post.  Some people preferred to comment to me personally rather than on the comment section.

Okay, I do believe there is a lot of merit in astrology.  It is an ancient science and nothing would have lasted for centuries if it was nonsense.  I studied the sun signs fully to find out about the personalities to write AstroPups (see first post). Jacqueline Chapple helped enormously as her knowledge of the subject is extensive, but I had to know the subject inside of myself in order to write in my own style and through my own knowledge. Actually, astrology has become a part of my knowing people.

While it is true that I used Zodiac signs as a guide to personalities in my book, and my goal was to help people to learn about the dog breed they were adopting into their families, I do think it is an interesting and even absorbing field of study.  I have also studied religion, psychology, sociology, and philosophy.  I have learned a lot from all of them.

As a teacher for twelve years, I applied what I had learned to reach a student in need of help.  Certainly, as an author I needed all of my insights to write well.

I understand sun signs.  I wrote about them as I do all things, in depth.  I have been told I am “spot on”.  It is because I understand the Zodiac signs that this is true.

During my research, I discovered something interesting.  Some business people, CEO’s of companies, when deciding on a pitch, actually check on the birthdays of the lead players.  If the person who holds the key to acceptance is a Capricorn, for instance, a lot of back up proof would be vital to the pitch.  If the person is an Aries, then that person would be more willing to take a chance on what appears to be a good deal.

I also discovered that kings and queens, politicians, classic writers, doctors, and psychologists were among the millions who believed in and studied astrology all over the world.

There is magic in a child’s smile, in a dog’s sigh as it nestles into your lap, in the beauty of a sunrise over the mountains, and the sunset over the water.  Perhaps there is magic in the stars.

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