If fuzzy brown bears have always appealed to you, a Chow is your best bet to become close to one.  Authorities claim that this dog is a descendant from an animal that was a cross between a dog and a bear, and even have fossil evidence to prove it.  Its profuse, thick coat and purple tongue and inner mouth also attest to this.

Chow Chow (Google Images)

A Chow is not a family dog.  Most Chows do not like children. The breed is not fond of strangers either and remains aloof. Independent, the dog does not curry favor nor seek approval.  However, when a Chow attaches as a pup to someone it spends time with, someone who feeds and grooms the pup, it will grow up to be a steadfast and loyal friend.  If you plan on getting a Chow, you must put the time in when the dog is young.  The dog needs to attach, but is not sure how to do this.  It doesn’t come naturally.  If you foster your Chow and show the dog how to love, it can and will learn to be your bff.

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Chow-Chow (Google Images)

Why is the breed called Chow Chow?

Speculation is endless on this question.  Certainly the dog provided nourishment and its thick coat provided warm clothes, but perhaps it is because the breed was transported on sailing ships under curios cargo – translation – chow-chow. Another authority claims its name comes from the Chinese word chaou, meaning dog of great strength.

The dog is of great strength.  It is thought that the Tartars brought this breed with them when they invaded China in the llth century BC.  Tartars, fighting barbarians, used Chows to be their guard dogs and fighting companions.

Since Chows do not need a lot of exercise, they can live in the city, suburbs or the country.  A daily walk is advised. Because of their fur, though, hot climates would be punitive to this dog.


It is important to brush your Chow and get rid of the tangles in its coat.  Chows enjoy being brushed by someone they trust and it helps to cement the bonding between owner and dog.

It’s not a breed which carries an odor and is clean in its habits.

It is important to know that a Chow will not respond in any way to harsh treatment or aggressive handling.  Aggressive handling will lead to an aggressive Chow and that’s a bad idea. The dog will choose to be with you, walk alongside of you, and grin at you.  At times, the dog will prefer to be alone.  It’s not personal. It’s just that this is the nature of the Chow-Chow.

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When I was browsing for a grooming brush, I saw something which you might like to give to a Chow-Chow owner for Christmas.  It’s early, I know, but I usually only post about one breed, and it’s Chow-Chow time!

There are other Chow ornaments available, which you can see by clicking the above.  At Christmas, I usually give ornaments with people’s dogs on them if I can find them!

Kings River Magazine would like you to check out their site. I did a post for them on Westies.  Now that’s one opposite breed to the one above.  Chows are large, fuzzy, aloof dogs. Westies are fun-loving, outgoing, family dogs. Guess that’s why dogs are so fascinating.  Their breed traits define them and are fascinating to explore.

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