AstroPups: Your Sign-Your Dogs

My book, AstroPups, was written to help people choose a pup from breeds compatible with their personalities and lifestyles.

What kind of dog owner would you be if you were an Aries, a Virgo or a Capricorn? Would some breeds irritate you, bore you or become adored by you?

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Choosing a Pup

How would you go about choosing a pup? You may like a pup’s cute looks, but what kind of dog will that pup grow up to be?

Let’s say you were born under the sign of Cancer or Pisces. It would really upset you if the pup didn’t work out as an adult dog for you or your lifestyle. You would probably blame yourself for the choice and have a problem making the dog a Rescue. This is not going to happen if you read all about the breed before you get the pup, though. AstroPups will help you to make an informed decision.

Look at all those tears you don’t need to shed by getting the right breed pup to begin with. Now you will have a definite strut in your step. It’s so cool to make the right choice so that you, your family, and the dog are happy.

How Does the Book Work?

The book works this way. There are twelve chapters, one for each zodiac sign from Aries to Pisces. You find your sun sign chapter from the Table of Contents page. Don’t worry if you are not sure what sign you are. Each sun sign has the dates in the Table of Contents also. First, you read about yourself as a dog owner according to your sun sign personality. Then you read about the dogs suggested for you. Each breed is described in full. This is factual information from several authorities (listed in the book) and from years of research with trainers, breeders and owners. You can be sure the breed is totally explained, plus the reasons your sun sign personality might be interested in the dog. 

An award winning artist, Peter Solomon drew all of the dogs suggested for each and every chapter.  You will find them at the end of your sun sign chapter. 

Is your lifestyle and the lifestyle your dog needs compatible? AstroPups goes into this thoroughly, also.

How about other influences in my astrological makeup?

It’s true sun signs are not your sole astrological personality. Certainly they say a lot about you, but there are other influences. This is what is so great about Astropups. If you feel that your Ascendant personality is stronger than your sun sign, then you have an additional chapter to explore and can learn about a lot more breeds. Say you are a Libra, for instance, but your Ascendant is in Virgo. You might decide that you are much more of a Virgo than a Libran. Check out both the chapter on Libra and on Virgo. You can read about all the breeds and make your decision after exploring both. You know who you are and instinctively will make the right decision.

For most of us, sun sign information will suffice and probably amuse us as we browse through our chapters. You will probably check out your family’s sun signs as well if they are to have a vote on THE dog.


In order for you to access AstroPups easily, I have published a Kindle version for you to download. It is much cheaper than the paperback on sale at Amazon or ordered through Barnes and Noble. For only $5.95 you can have the fun of exploring yourself as a dog owner and learn about the breeds of dogs recommended for your sun sign.

Have fun picking the perfect pup!

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Update on Astrology

untitled (5)  I have had a few emails about the astrology post.  Some people preferred to comment to me personally rather than on the comment section.

Okay, I do believe there is a lot of merit in astrology.  It is an ancient science and nothing would have lasted for centuries if it was nonsense.  I studied the sun signs fully to find out about the personalities to write AstroPups (see first post). Jacqueline Chapple helped enormously as her knowledge of the subject is extensive, but I had to know the subject inside of myself in order to write in my own style and through my own knowledge. Actually, astrology has become a part of my knowing people.

While it is true that I used Zodiac signs as a guide to personalities in my book, and my goal was to help people to learn about the dog breed they were adopting into their families, I do think it is an interesting and even absorbing field of study.  I have also studied religion, psychology, sociology, and philosophy.  I have learned a lot from all of them.

As a teacher for twelve years, I applied what I had learned to reach a student in need of help.  Certainly, as an author I needed all of my insights to write well.

I understand sun signs.  I wrote about them as I do all things, in depth.  I have been told I am “spot on”.  It is because I understand the Zodiac signs that this is true.

During my research, I discovered something interesting.  Some business people, CEO’s of companies, when deciding on a pitch, actually check on the birthdays of the lead players.  If the person who holds the key to acceptance is a Capricorn, for instance, a lot of back up proof would be vital to the pitch.  If the person is an Aries, then that person would be more willing to take a chance on what appears to be a good deal.

I also discovered that kings and queens, politicians, classic writers, doctors, and psychologists were among the millions who believed in and studied astrology all over the world.

There is magic in a child’s smile, in a dog’s sigh as it nestles into your lap, in the beauty of a sunrise over the mountains, and the sunset over the water.  Perhaps there is magic in the stars.

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