The Dog of my Dreams


In a previous post, I said that the dog of your dreams may or may not be the right dog for you.  I used as examples a Border Collie, a Rottweiler and a Poodle.

Border Collie

The Border Collie is an amazing dog, one of the brightest breeds we know. This collie does not just come in black and white, but can be also Tri-color with liver, blue merle, red merle, yellow and white.  Even the eyes of the Border Collie can be different colors.. The colors of the dog is just a matter of preference, though.  What is important is that this breed must be active and engaged from pup on.  A Border Collie can’t be cooped up in an apartment all day long.  If the dog is not busy mentally and physically, he or she will become a difficult dog to put it mildly.  If you adopt a Border Collie, you must be prepared to give him or her lots of exercise.  He/she loves to romp and play, is very agile, and looks for a chance to herd.  If there are no sheep about, he/she may herd your children.  This dog is a working breed, single minded and devoted to the task at hand.   Long days on a hike will delight this collie, even if the terrain is rough, and you will be surprised how intuitive he/she is.  There’s no doubt that this dog thinks, is a problem solver, and will tune in to your moods.

If you do not have the time to exercise, play with, hike with this dog, it would not be wise to get one.  The grooming is important, too.  At molting time, you must be super careful when removing Border Collkiethe thick undercoat.

Border Collie (Google Images)

My niece, Mandy,  who lives in England has a Border Collie mix called Nelson.  He loves the outdoors as all collies do,  but when at home, he enjoys watching TV.  Mandy puts a dog video on for him, and he is glued, running to the right and left, following the running dogs.  Mandy and Nelson have a special relationship. They are tuned in to each other. They go on lots of walks, and they roam the cliffs when on vacation.


Rottweiler (Google Images)


The second dog I thought you might be thinking about is a Rottweiler.  This dog would scare all intruders away, and is such a magnificent, strong dog, capable of great affection and devotion. you might think you really need this dog, or do you? As a chubby pup, a Rott is totally adorable. You should know, though, that your pup will remain a pup for about two years and will need consistent training throughout this period. True to its breed traits, you would not have to train him or her to protect you, though.  What you may have a problem with is who the dog should protect you from.  Never let the dog decide, and it will if you are not Alpha.

untitled (2)
Cartoon – Peter Solomon

If you live in an apartment, this makes the Rott’s territory small, and it will be over protective.  Also, the dog is very muscular and must have lots of exercise. If you, yourself, are not strong, you will have a problem with control.

Your personality is important, in addition to your lifestyle if you own a Rottweiler.   It may be a dream of yours to add one to your family, but it is a serious dog who needs an owner able to be kind but firm at all times. We suggested Rotts to Aries in AstroPups (see first post). Aries have a strong, positive approach to training and would allow no nonsense.


Poodle (Google Images)

The third dog I thought you might be thinking about is a Poodle.  This breed comes in three sizes, the Standard, the Miniature and the Toy. Colors vary white, brown, orange, or black.  We suggested the Miniature for Gemini in AstroPups. Poodles have a wonderful spirit, are lively, bright and affectionate. They want to please you, and their antics will put a grin on your face regularly.

You might think anyone can own a Poodle, but this is not true because all Poodles need a lot of grooming.  An un-groomed Poodle is the saddest sack of a dog you would ever see.  If you are not prepared to groom your dog, or take it to be groomed, forget it.  The dogs should be bathed regularly, clipped often and brushed.  If this is not done, their curly coats become matted, and can be painful. Now you do not have to groom it for show, although your dog would be certainly be impressive.

A Poodle groomed for Show (Google Images)


You would have to spend the time to brush those tangles out, keep the dog clean and keep that strut in its step.

All Poodles will love you if you love them back, but the Toy Poodle takes this very seriously and considers you his/her possession, to be protected at all times.  You would need to have the time to give this little one lots of attention.

Too many people get a dog they like the look of, but do not check into what the dog needs from them to make it a forever relationship.  All three pups above are wonderful in their own ways, but …

A Border collie is a dog for the country or the suburbs.  Of course you can live in the city and own a Border collie, but concrete is not usually a part of this breed’s preferred environment.

A Rottweiler is a serious guard dog.  If you do decide it is still the right dog for you, check out the dog’s genetics.  Unfortunately indiscriminate breeding has been rampant and your dog may not be all this magnificent dog can be.

Time and/or money is needed for Poodles.  Their grooming is vital to their well-being.

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