Miniature Pinscher – the Min Pin

Colors: black, blue, brown – tan markings on face. Height 11″ – 12″. Weight: 7-9 lbs.

Some consider the Min Pin, as it is affectionately called, the toy breed of a Doberman Pinscher, but this is not the case.  The breed originated from the German Shorthair Pinscher and has been recognized since the 16th century.  Some authorities claim it has been around longer.This little dog is perfectly proportioned, agile and very spirited.  It once was a ratter and was very good at its job.  Nowadays, the Min Pin is an excellent watch dog, show dog and a sweet companion for adults.

Min Pin (Google Images)

Although the Miniature Pinscher only weighs a few pounds, nobody has informed this pint-size dog that it has limitations.  The dog behaves much like a large dog and is braver than a lot of them.  It’s tiny, it’s adorable, but if you don’t watch it, this dog will become a tyrant!

You will actually need to take a firm approach in training and let this dog know who is boss from the start.  Training the Min Pin is not easy as this breed is easily distracted and becomes stimulated quickly by minor things, but don’t be too harsh.  Try to remember tis just this dog’s nature, and remember also that this pup is intelligent, eager to please and very affectionate.

Miniature Pinscher (Google Images)

Walks are a must for this one.  The dog needs lots of exercise to thrive.  It would not be a good idea to take off the leash, though.  The dog will be off like a shot, doing its favorite thing, hunting rodents. Recall is not one of its strong suits.

Protective of you and its family, the Miniature Pinscher needs social contact with as many people as possible, especially during its imprint time of three months.  Petting only, though, as people who pick up the dog may hurt it, and instead of getting the dog socialized, you will make him or her suspicious of strangers.

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Don’t forget to buy your pup some toys also.

It’s  good idea to avoid plastic or rubber toys as the Min Pin will chew them up and may choke on the pieces.  Check out the cat toys but be sure you do not give the pup any with catnip in or on them. While you are shopping, don’t forget to buy your pup a warm coat if you live where snow falls in the winter.

The Miniature Pinscher is a wonderful little watchdog, and if handled correctly, with firmness and affection, a loyal and loving friend.

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