Royal Dogs

Does anyone know which breed of dog this Queen favors?

Queen Elizabeth (Google Images)

If you said Pembroke Welsh corgis, you would be absolutely right. In fact, Her Majesty has about ten of them, give or take, and the Pembroke breed has been part of the royal family for decades.

The breed’s name comes from the Celt word for dog. Flemish weavers brought the dogs to Wales in the 12th century. They did the work most people would apply to Collies. Their job in Wales was to herd cattle and they did this by nipping the cows’ feet to keep them from straying.

Pembroke Welsh corgi (Google Images)

Now is about the time I usually talk about what kind of owner the breed needs in order to thrive, and be a forever dog. So many breeds need the right owners to be all they can be. However, there are no strong personality owner needs for Pembroke Welsh corgis. They just need owners to adore, go for walks with, to play with and, of course, treats close to hand. Another Corgi would be fun to play with if you are absent a fair amount of time.

A Corgi would rather play than fight, but it’s still a good idea to socialize the pup at about three months with people and other dogs, as it has good watch dog traits.

You will be impressed with yourself as a trainer with this corgi. The dog is very bright and ever eager to please. Its also ready to show much earlier than most breeds.

You will need to brush its coat about twice a week. This is something your Corgi would enjoy, especially if you talk over things in general as you brush.

If you need a new grooming tool, there’s a reduction of over 50% on this one.  In addition to keeping your dog’s coat healthy, it reduces shedding and will also give your dog’s coat a subtle thinning – nice with the summer upon us.

The Pembroke Welsh corgi has a cousin.

Cardigan Welsh corgi

The Cardigan has bigger ears and a bushier tail, but is much like the Pembroke. It is a quieter dog, less outgoing than its cousin. Cardigan Welsh corgis also served as herding dogs for cattle in Wales.

Cardigan Welsh corgi (Google Images)

Perfect for apartment living, and behaving with decorum most of the time, this dog travels well, shows well, and is a delightful companion.

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Thinking about royal dogs, it’s hard not to remember an aristocratic little spaniel who has been a member of court for centuries. It was once known as the Toy Spaniel, but King Charles favored this dog so much they changed its name to:

King Charles Spaniel

Van Dyke painted many portraits of King Charles with his spaniels back in the 17th century. As a pup, it is shy and needs affection and encouragement to develop well. Once the dog has gained confidence, it will fit in well with your family. If you have a cat, your spaniel will make the cat its best friend (only if the cat agrees, of course).

The little dog looks fragile with its big eyes and silky coat, but this is far from being so. A King Charles spaniel is a hardy breed and absolutely loves the outdoors. Walking and exploring are favored things to do.

King Charles Spaniel
King Charles Spaniel (Google Images)

There is an owner personality requirement with this breed. The owner should be a care-giver in that if you choose a King Charles, you must be prepared to bathe its face when it comes in from outdoors. At only 10 inches tall, this inquisitive little dog will come in with dust, leaves and particles on its face and they could cause eye infections. You should have an eye wash on hand just in case.

A quick rinse of your spaniel’s eyes will prevent a more serious problem requiring a visit to the vet.

If it rains, and the dog gets wet, it is important you dry it off as soon as you get back indoors.

As the owner of a King Charles, you will also have to harden your heart when the dog gazes up at you with those big, liquid eyes whenever you eat. The King Charles spaniel will do anything for a treat and begs like a pro from the start. The dog should only weigh about 10lbs.

The Dog Whisperer is not truly needed with this bunch, but I’m sure he enjoyed his time with them.

(Google Images)

A larger version of the King Charles is available if you want a bigger spaniel. It’s the Cavalier King Charles. This dog weighs about l8lbs. Cousins include the Prince Charles (white with black and tan markings) the Ruby (white with chestnut red markings) the Blenheim (white with red markings)

All of these spaniels are sweet dogs. They once roamed palaces and now roam homes, confident in their owners’ adoration of them.

For a change, I am chatting about dogs that just need owners to love them and all of them love to be part of the family.

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