Security Dog

When I think of a security dog, I think of a German Shepherd or a Rottweiler or perhaps a Doberman.  An American Bulldog does not spring to mind.

Meet Dozer, Security Dog 

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Dozer, Security Dog

Dozer has a fulltime job in an interesting retail shop, where security may be needed. When a customer comes through the door of the shop, Dozer gets up and greets him or her. Then he returns to his mat to await the next customer.

Dozer is 10 years old.  His owner works for the shop.  Dozer was bored at home alone, so his owner suggested to the owner of the shop that Dozer come to work with him every day. Dozer would be protection for those who worked there and the merchandise.

You might be wondering why Dozer would be needed.  Is it a check-cashing shop or a jewelry store?  Actually, Dozer, his owner and the shop are all located in a state where pot is legal and for sale.  Security sounds like a good idea in such a shop. Certainly there have been no problems since Dozer started to work there.

American Bulldogs 

Bulldogs only look intimidating, but they are, in fact, sweethearts. Way, way back when, they were aggressive. They are called Bulldogs because they once baited bulls in England.  This cruel use of the dogs became illegal in l835. Nowadays the breed is known to be calm.  Still, if I walked into a shop and came face to face with this dog, I would hesitate, wouldn’t you? 

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Dozer, Security Dog on duty

However, customers will not be harmed by Dozer. Bulldogs are not guard dogs or even watchdogs. They are recommended as therapy dogs. They are also good natured with children. Bulldogs do have a courageous nature, though, so harm coming to Dozer’s owner would not be tolerated by Dozer.

Bulldogs walk with a steady plodding gait. Dozer would enjoy a walk, but never a run. His facial structure limits easy breathing.  He probably snorts and snuffles when on duty, but that helps his intimidation tactics.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about Dozer, Security Dog.  I was amused when a friend sent me his story and had to share it with you.

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  1. I really liked your post on Dozer. He is a great dog. He seems like the kind of dog that I would want to have around.

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